Hello! My name is Hannah, it's a pleasure to meet you! Have you seen my cousin Jimmy? It seems I lost him!
//Indie Hannah-Marie from the Scary Godmother.
FC: Josie/Lucy Gallina
Teen FC: Judy Garland
Track: hannahthefairyprincess

☆I Don't Sleep In A Coffin At All☆

shadinashaddie replied to your post: Hello there! My name is Amanda. What’s yours?

Nice to meet you too! I’m looking forward to this Halloween party!

So am I! Oh, you’re going, too?

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    "Heehee! I’m rather the curious type, and would hang out by something new and interesting." Amanda nods at you, and...
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    "I usually just hang out with either Scary Godmother or Orson, since he’s my best friend." The brunette smiled. "At...
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